Monday, March 5, 2012

A New Cycle

Adventure is not outside man, it is within.

George Eliot
Hello Ernie
Every now and then there comes a day which demands contemplation. Such a day was yesterday, Sunday, March 4. I have a list of important chores and I may accomplish some of them. But others are out of the question for now. Putting up the shades to block the views from the sight seers and paparazzi is one of those. Someone has to do that for me anyhow. I'm concerned I might fall trying. Straightening out the tangled octopusial web of cords under my desk leading from the computer to all its essential parts is another. That will require some floor time and I'm not up to that. I may get my beard trimmed and my hair washed before the day is out. But otherwise it was a day of contemplating adventure.

Today, Monday, I'm off on another one but yesterday was a day of thought. I am at last free of the Babylon I was living in with the drug king and his slaves, the cruel and dishonest false friend and her frequent crazy stealth visits, all the liars that surrounded them and the whole sinister and toxic atmosphere that filled the place unknown to the doped up and giggling fools.

I definitely feel that the relatively rapid manner in which I departed happened by some sort of divine influence. How else, except my extreme desire to leave, can explain that I am here in a new home with a new life to live? So the time has come to "go up to Jerusalem ... and build the house of the Lord." (Ezra 1:3)

Numerologically my new address is a 1. So is my new age in 8 days. I don't know what those things mean but I like the sound of them. The beginning of a new cycle is a promise of even more opportunities, more accomplishments and, of course, new adventures.

I'm surrounded by light. Bright daylight comes into my new home from three sides with no tall buildings near me. There are clear indications of the mending of a broken heart and a broken spirit. The therapy of silent reason, awakening sanity, opening its eyes and stretching to meet the daylight accompany me more every morning.

To my email friends who stayed constant and positive during my raging February nightmare of anguish and anxiety please accept a banquet of gratitude from my heart. Did I give up? What do you think?

DB - Vagabond Journeys


Jon said...

In answer to your question - you certainly didn't give up. A new cycle has definitely begun.

As for window coverings, I don't know of anything easy to suggest (except paint.....)
I put up expensive wooden Venetian blinds on all my windows a few years ago. It was a helluva lot of trouble and I wouldn't want to tackle it again.

Geo. said...

Re: "I definitely feel that the relatively rapid manner in which I departed happened by some sort of divine influence."

No problem.

Arlene (AJ) said...

You didn't give up DB, just had some truly trying days. Just take it one day at a time and you'll get your new place up and going the way you want it. Can feel the peace in your heart in your words dear and may every day from here on out be a good one for you.

qwe said...
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