Friday, March 9, 2012

11 Questions

Geo has tickled the Internet with the following 11 questions. I at first thought I wasn't going to take the time. But here are my answers anyway.

1. Red or white?
White. A bank canvas or blank sheet of paper invites its own destruction into great art or great ideas.

2. If you could meet one living person who would you choose?
Al Pacino. There are very few great actors alive these days. He's one.

3. Who gave you your first kiss?
I don't remember my first kiss, but I remember my last one. It was 14 years ago. She was a young actress named Sabrina and she was a bit baffled at why she was kissing this older man.

4. What are you most proud of?
Having my own all night classical music radio program in New York City.

5. You can be a ruler of one country, which one?
Monaco, lots of money and the Mediterranean Sea.

6. What's the best clothing outfit you ever had?
Believe it or not I prefer to be naked.

7. You must pick having six children or six large dogs.
If they weren't large I might take the dogs. But I love kids and they grow up to be people.

8. Pie or cake?
Pie, but it depends on what's in it.

9. What corny/sappy/uncool things do you secretly love?
Gilbert and Sullivan

10. At what age did you start reading?
Who knows. I've always been a reader.

11. Who influenced you most in life?
Edward Thomman. He was a strange, flamboyant, bisexual man whom a lot of people didn't like and didn't trust, but he knew more about theatre than anyone else I have ever met.

There for better or worse are my answers.
Anyone else out there have the nerve?


Jon said...

Very interesting answers. I really liked the Gilbert and Sullivan for corny/sappy/and uncool.
And an all-night classical music radio program is fantastic!
I used to love KFAC in Los Angeles, but it's no longer in existence.

Geo. said...

I'm glad you took the time, DB. Your answers are delightful!