Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Strong Ones

Some people strengthen society just by being the kind of people they are.

John Gardner
Hello Jen
Doing the right thing by someone they've badly hurt is beyond the ability of drug users..

To man up or woman up to take joyous responsibility for the society they live in is beyond the ability of the sluggards of the world.

To provide genuine welfare for the society they live in is impossible for the sub-human parasites of life.

To feed the hungry, heal the sick and help the poor is out of bounds for the stupid.

To face the challenge of doing an honest day's work is anathema to the crooked.

And to rely on the gratification of the senses to solve the difficult problems of living is prurient, self righteous suicide.

In a flippant mood I've said that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who leave a mess and those who clean it up. Maybe, since I just had another birthday, I am finally becoming an old curmudgeon. I don't think so though. I'm not running out of compassion, I'm just running out of patience. The worst and most difficult kind of mess to clean up is one who has made a mess out of their lives. If someone wants to really be a member of the low life, antisocial, human trash, let them. And if someone really wants to ally themselves with those weaklings, let them. Who am I to try to take a mop to those unfortunate souls?

I want to continue to be the kind of man who can strengthen society in whatever way I can, which in these days is fairly limited to Vagabond Journeys. And I want to continue to admire and support others who are doing the same strengthening.

I have no patience with the selfish, self serving, self gratifying, self indulgent wastes who seem to people the planet. If someone wants to grow up to be a perpetual adolescent, with no purpose except self destructive behavior and no strength of character what can one person do except to keep pointing out the way and preaching the sermon to those who aren't listening One can always hope that an awaking will come. But for some hopeless people the awakening comes too late in life. Then there is desperation, a fear so deep and suffocating it kills.

Fortunately for us who live there are people who keep civilization from toppling just by nature of who they are. I wish to know only those people and to be one of them in my humble way.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up


Jon said...

My diagnosis:
You show absolutely no signs of being an old curmudgeon.

pacifica62 said...

There appears to be no room in your thinking for second chances, for redemption or rehabilitation. People can and do see the error of their ways and change their behaviour and they should not be stamped for life as being parasites or stupid. Who amongst us can judge others to this extent? Who decides that we, ourselves, are the righteous ones who are beyond and above judgement and criticism. Life experiences change people. I am not a religious person, but were I and had read the bible I would have read that Jesus himself walked amongst these people called sub humans, parasites, stupid, antisocial human trash and he forgave them, healed them, gave them another chance and above all did not judge them.

DB said...

Nowhere in this entry do I suggest tht redemption is impossible. In fact I say "one can always hope an awakening will come." It is an observation of forms of destructive human behavior. Nothing is carved in stone.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We all need to practice some cleaning, then the world will be a better place.