Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Quiz

This is not a contest.

What one person, living or not, would you most like to have dinner with?
What is the first question you would ask them?

You have the winter to answer. Please leave your response on my email or journal with your name, or journal title or email address. Thank you.


Slapinions said...

Right now, after two months of the proverbial tightening of our purse strings, the person I'd most like to go out to dinner with is my wife. I didn't go out to eat as a kid - maybe a handful of times in my first twenty years of life - and it quickly became a weekly habit for Lisa and I to enjoy a nice dinner out. I miss that. Heck, last week I was hankering so bad for the experience and the normalcy it represented that it was nearly as bad as the urge for a cigarrette when I quit smoking. Now if things were back to 'normal' I'd answer differently, with this famous person or that, but for now, yeah, I'd say my wife.

a corgi said...

are you planning a spring quiz DB?? this is good exercise to help people get through the dreary winter months