Friday, January 9, 2009

From the past

Kinetic Knack

Being a writer is like having homework
every night for the rest of your life.

Lawrence Kasdan


Good day friends

I write every day. I spent my working life as a performing artist. Due to physical problems I can't work at that trade anymore, so now I write. I am amused to see that Google in its profile section under "industry" has no category marked "theatre," "film" "entertainment" or "show business." So I had to go with "arts." I guess that's okay. Artists have always been considered sub-citizens by the big corporate world, especially actors (except rich and promiscuous movie stars, some of whom are not "actors" in the strictest sense of the word). I'll settle for "arts."

Somerset Maugham said that if you want to be a writer you have to write everyday. In my case I write everyday whether I want to be a writer or not. I write because somehow I feel obligated to. I don't have a publisher or an agent tapping his impatient foot, nor a teacher gleefully giving me impossible assignments. I just think that if I didn't write something and put it in my journal every night I would be letting myself down and also possibly a few readers. So I write whether I feel like it or not.

I often sit at this keyboard and know I have nothing to say. So I check the mail, go for a walk, do a little reading, ponder, take a nap (old folks do that), wake up and have another cup of coffee, while I try to put a sentence or two together. Soon I give up, hopelessly admit a blank mind and an uncreative day. It's pure drudgery. I heave a sigh over my lumpish nature and decide that I'll just leave a quote and forget about it.


Silently and suddenly, like a squirrel showing up on the porch outside the window, a thought comes to me. And then another, and soon there are a few that line themselves up in a good order, Some words pop up, a phrase or two, an example, some language that appeals to me, colors and sounds, pictures, a new way of saying something and a feeling. The squirrel becomes a deer. And then everything begins to circle around a main idea like planets around the sun, each sending out its own energy and beauty and light. The marvelous English language starts caressing my mind. I can't type fast enough. I'm in love again.

I want to see you smile today.



Linda's World said...

I think we all go thru that "writer's block" thing. In going to the Reader's Group each month, I've learned from published, award winning writers that they too suffer from writer's block at times. Sometimes the "block" lasts for hours, days or even weeks & then suddenly a light bulb comes on and they are back at their keyboards pounding away. Linda, smiling, in Washington state

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Certainly, I smile each and every time I read one of your entries :o)

Rose~* said...

Hi DB - Rose here, in spirit anyways. My wrist is still giving me trouble, so I have to be content just to read what everyone else is up to and try to update my journal with a few pictures here and there. :::SIGH::: And I agree with Linda - I always get a smile on my face whenever I manage to trek over to your blog. Happy New Year to you!

Big Mark 243 said...

This put a smile on my face. Never had it put so well. The thing is, the thought that are rumbling around in my head now, I think are related to this ... at least it is to me!

Coy said...

inspiration ... does come and go at will. Writing wheather you want to or not is good practice. Sort of reminds me of the morning page practice that Julia Cameron writes about in "The Artist's Way.
*** Coy ***

Maria said...

Hi, DB, Smiling is a very good way to show you are a positive thinker! Is this the blog you are going to start the gratitude count? Or is it one of the other ones...:) :) ;) :) ...Maria