Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quaint Quantification 1/29/09

The difference between human wisdom and Truth is the difference between a marble and the solar system.

DB - The Vagabond
Good day fellow seeker.

I find it a very positive, upbeat and intriguing idea that we know so little about what is. It means there is always something to learn and discover. I enjoy reading history and science magazines because of the information that is being always uncovered about the past and the future. As in the iceberg, most of which is under water, there are scientists in laboratories right now discovering things, archeologists and anthropologists digging in the desert, people walking through jungles, swimming in the ocean or gazing through a telescope who are about to come up with something that will make the news. That excites me. We don't know it all. It isn't done. Nor will it ever be.

I'm reminded of that quote by Sir Arthur Eddington "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine." I know that remarks like that give some people a sort of an intellectual vertigo. After all we like our knowledge to be nice and neat, respectable and predictable. But we can't settle for that. If we did you wouldn't be reading this.

Things get discovered and made because someone is willing to imagine the unimaginable, discover the undiscoverable, build the unworkable and make it work, do the impossible. And in the process we all benefit, not only by seeing and using what is uncovered but even more by being able to share the knowledge that comes with it.

Some day some of us will go to a far off distant planet and have a look around. We will do that because it's impossible. But there are far off distant planets still to be discovered in your own neighborhood. Sometimes when I'm walking down the sidewalk I like to remind myself that I am walking along a ledge in the universe.

DB The Vagabond
Learn something new today, whether it's mundane or cosmic, and make a note of it.


Linda's World said...

Very thought provoking, DB. I'm going to make that a goal~to learn something new at least every other day. And I will make a note of it. Linda in WA

Beth said...

I used to read a lot when a passenger in a car, but lately, I find that I'd rather look around me and see what there is to see. I always find something new!